Committees and subcommittees play an important role in the life of the San Antonio Chapter.

Each provides members with a forum for networking, professional development, and sharing valuable information about the construction industry.

The Education Committee – Organizes the annual education and professional development program.   Eight breakfast meetings a year.

The Safety and Health Committee – Has primary responsibility for overseeing the safety services program, including the annual Safety Fair & Barbecue Cook-off.  Eleven lunch meetings a year.

The Political Action Committee – Makes decisions regarding which candidates and public office holders to support with campaign contributions.  Meets two to three times a year.  Membership fee.

The Golf Tournament Committee – Organizes the annual spring golf tournament.  Meets five to six times a year.

The Fun Shoot Committee – Organizes the annual spring fun shoot.  Meets five to six times a year.

The Nominating Committee – Nominates industry leaders to serve on the 11-members Board of Directors.  In addition to general contractors, the board includes suppliers, service providers, specialty contractors, and.  One meeting a year.

The Ad-hoc CIA Awards Nominating Committee – Nominates companies for the annual Construction Industry Awards, i.e. Supplier of the Year; Specialty Contractor of the Year; General Contractor of the Year, etc.  One meeting a year.

The Ad-hoc OCA Awards Nominating Committee– Nominates projects for the statewide Texas Building Branch Outstanding Construction Awards competition.  Meets once a year.

The Ad-hoc Budget Committee – Reviews the strategic plan, determines the price of membership, and recommends a chapter budget to the Board of Directors.  Meets twice a year.